How To Tether iPhone 5 For Free Without Jailbreak?

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One of the things Apple is infamous for among most of its users is the high level of security integrated in the device. This means, the user has to pay for most things that he/she could have had for free on any other device.

Free Wi-Fi tethering is probably one of the most useful features missing on this device. There is the option to Jailbreak into your device to access free tethering, but that can be risky, especially considering Apple’s high security obsession.

There is an app that is currently going through Apple’s iTunes approval process, which gives you a jailbreak for tethering. The new app, known as FlashArmyKnife, appears to be great app which lets you use your iPhone camera flash as a torch at the touch of a button, and also has a calculator, currency converter and offers easy access to Apple maps and Safari. There are a host of other things the apps does for you.

Flash Army Knife

Flash Army Knife iTunes free tethering.

Under this Swiss Army Knife like arrangement is hidden a tethering function that allows you to tether your iPhone device connection to any other ad-hoc capable device, free of charge. The app will cost you $1.99 which will convert to around Rs. 100, which is not a very high price to pay for this magical app.

To access the hidden tethering feature on the app, you need to punch in a code onto the calculator. To elaborate further:

  1. Go to the Calculator tab on the FlashArmyKnife app.

    Flash Army Knife

    Calculator tab on the FlashArmyKnife.

2. Punch in the following keys in the exact order as mentioned below:

1642  M+  C

1452  M+  C

1943  M+

After you have entered the keys, you will get see the words “run” on the screen.

The best thing about this app is that it is an Apple approved jailbreak, so you don’t have to worry about your device crashing. You can download this app from the iTunes link.


Apple pulled this app out of the store. It is no longer available. I guess we all knew this was going to happen, right? 

For those who do have the app:

There are many videos on YouTube that will take you through the entire process. We personally recommend this video on YouTube that explains the process very well:


Even this video is quite concise and helpful, even though the images are a little blurred:


Going further, now close the app and go to your ad-hoc device and go to the Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator. Right click on the application and Run it the Administrator. It will open a page where you can create a username for your network and add a password.

We created the username “apple” and entered the password as “iphone5” which will be used further for explanation. After the details are entered press “Start”. Once you get connected, go to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi options in the Settings tab and turn the Wi-Fi ‘on’.

Once the Wi-Fi turns on, you will automatically see the list of hotspots available with the Username (apple) that you created in the available hotspots list. Select it (apple) and enter the password (iphone5). The procedure is similar to connecting with any Wi-Fi hotspots.

Different devices have different user interface for creating Wi-Fi hotspots, but the procedure remains more or less the same.

The internet speed is pretty good and the process is quite simple and fast. Best of all, you can enjoy the Wi-Fi tethering service, that is available only on Android phones on the iPhone 5 without any extra expense.

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